Chivas need to trust the process

With 2 wins in 5 matches, Chivas fans are starting to understand what newly appointed coach Victor Manuel Vucetich has in store for Chivas.

After suspending two-player for a match that was a Toluca loss due to late-night boozing from the same bottle during a pandemic. Then relegating two first-team players in Ronaldo Cisneros and Cristian Calderon to the second division side Tapatio F.C, and an emotional win against Tigres in Estadio Universitario where they haven’t won in years, Chivas looked to put it behind them and win two straight games for the first time this season when they faced Queretaro.

Chivas did a great job of going out there and getting it with J.J Macias converting a great chance in the first half, Chivas goalkeeper Tono Rodriguez would go onto steal the headlines though as he fumbled an easy ball in the box and dropped it into the lap of a Queretaro player who literally walked the ball in into the net. After a J.J Macias penalty was blocked it kept the game 1-1 for the remainder of the game.

This is going to sound sac religious to some Chivas faithful’s but that wasn’t Chivas coach Vucetic’s fault. Now we can blame the gameplay strategy and formation of a 4-4-2 against them and even the bad substitutions, but if Macias converts that penalty or Tono doesn’t fumble the ball, Chivas are clear with 10 points out of 15 from the last 5 matches, and that’s not bad.

They were very unlucky that they had 2 game-defining moments count against them, but Vucetich is the disciplinarian, this isn’t supposed to happen to his teams as he is very strict and has a reputation of getting the small things correct. It’s only a little over a month into this coach’s tenure with Chivas and although the Liga MX carousel is in full motion, Chivas shouldn’t be looking to get on. Liguilla is what matters most and with Chivas in 7th place, they are in a prime spot as Liguilla expanded to more teams this past offseason. Making Liguilla would be an accomplishment that has been in the works for seasons now it feels like.

Anything can happen in Liguilla and when Chivas have the kinks worked out they can operate well. J.J Macias, Alexis Vega, and Uriel Antuna are some of the deadliest attackers in Liga MX. Yes, they haven’t lit the scoreboard up, but they have shown flashes of greatness and it’s up to this coach to make the lighting come out of the bottle and bring on the storm that sporting director Ricardo Pelaez envisioned when he dropped all the cash on these players.