Club America fall to 4th place

For the Jornada 6 of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament, Club America not only had their second consecutive loss but could possibly lose a key player on their roster.

About a week ago on the social media page Twitter, many fans started the hashtag #FueraPiojo as they felt the urge that Miguel Herrera, (also known by “Piojo”) possibly had reached his limits with Club America as they lost to Queretaro in a 4-1 in the Jornada 5 of the Guard1anes 2020 tournament. Fast forward to Jornada 6, the hashtag grew larger than ever on Twitter as Las Aguilas de America encountered their second consecutive loss to Rayados de Monterrey, in a grueling one-sided match.

As America returned to Estado Azteca on Saturday evening, it appeared that the game would be full of goals from both teams as both rosters are filled with outstanding players that mark a difference on the field. Things at the end of the night though looked much different, the game favored only one team, which as Rayados de Monterrey. Although the game was leveled the first 20 minutes of the first half, the momentum took a quick change as the reliable defender, Bruno Valdez came down with an injury after a collision with the forward of Rayados, Vincent Janssen. At the 22nd minute, it was obvious that there would be a shift change.

A few minutes later Rayados was awarded a penalty that turned the game into a 1-0 for Monterrey’s coach Antonio Mohamed’s team. It did not take long for Rayados to pick their lead up as they scored the second goal thanks to the Dutch forward Vincent Janssen at the 34 minutes that gave La Pandilla a 2-0 going into the halftime.

Herrera team appeared very unorganized and had no answers to the tactics of La Pandilla on the field until they were awarded a penalty at the 75th minute that had the game a 2-1, that penalty gave a brief glimmer of hope for Las Aguilas to try to even the game but that would not be the case. Just a few minutes later, Rayados scored the final goal of the night that was a dagger to the heart of Club America. The game ended in a 3-1 overall score and although both teams played with one man less in the last 25 minutes of the second half, it was still all Rayados in control of the game.

After the loss, America not only walked away with their second consecutive loss receiving a total of 7 goals but possibly lost their star defender, Bruno Valdez that remains in question if he will return for the Guard1anes 2020 tournament or will have to sit out and return for the Clausura 2020. Along with that America dropped in the league standings as they are not the leader of the tournament so far.

So we all can say America is slowly going from bad to worst, as of now. What is it that America needs? A new coach or new players, as of now we will have to wait to see as they will play Atletico San Luis on Saturday, August 29, 2020, where they will need to change their appearance on the field as for Rayados they will play Fc Juarez on Sunday, August 30, 2020.