COVID-19 is still affecting Liga MX

As Jornada 6 of the Guard1anes takes away in just a few days, there is an issue that still lingers around the league as the virus COVID-19 continues to spread within club teams.

The question that everyone continues to ask is when will the  COVID-19 truly get handled as best as possible across the country of Mexico? As the numbers continue to grow within the country but more importantly, each week,  it seems that more and more teams across the league deal with players contracting the virus. Just recently, the new addition team of the Liga MX, Mazatlan FC made an official announcement via their social media, that they have a total case of 38 players/ coaching staff infected, particularly the youth club teams.

The under-20 team of Mazatlan FC reported that 18 players plus two coaching staff members contracted the virus and the under-17 team has a total of 16 players and two coaching staff. Giving a grand total of 38 in just one single team. That is the most reported since the pandemic begin back in March when the Clausura 2020 was concluded prematurely.

Not only has Mazatlan FC brought out the news of players/staff contracting the virus but, Pumas and Leon made a statement that new cases have developed within the team that has caused a quick alarm. Pumas U.N.A.M has two positive cases in their team while Leon reported that they have four cases currently. Identities have not been made official at the time being for the new cases for Leon and Pumas as of now, which surely will change in the next few days.

For the Jornada 6, Mazatlan will play on facing Pachuca as the visiting team, while Pumas will have a tough matchup ahead on Saturday as the visiting team facing Tigres. Lastly, Leon will be visiting the border as they will face FC Juarez to continue the schedules for the Guard1anes 2020 tournament.

Hopefully, this virus does not affect many players within the teams because being the process to return could be crucial for many coaches.