What’s wrong with Chivas?

After a head coaching change, players returning from having COVID-19, and an almost full squad Chivas are right back where they were at the beginning of the season, and at 10th position on the league table.

Usually, when a head coach gets brought into a Liga MX team they get a chance to implement their system and do what they deem acceptable for the team to perform better in the long run, at Chivas though that leash grows shorter and shorter as more and more coaches exit the revolving door that is El Rebano Sagrado.

Victor Manuel Vucetich did an amazing job in his time with Queretaro, even winning some trophies for Los Gallos. There is no denying he has been a tenured and successful coach in Liga MX. That being said though many of his current tactics have been questionable. From lineups, formations, and even disciplinary moves. He is known to get his reign in on his teams and showing them who is boss and in so getting the most from his players.

ZAPOPAN, MEXICO – AUGUST 29: Players of Chivas leave the field after the 7th round match between Chivas and Pachuca as part of the Torneo Guard1anes 2020 Liga MX at Akron Stadium on August 29, 2020, in Zapopan, Mexico. (Photo by Refugio Ruiz/Getty Images)

Certain decision-making abilities as choosing an effective starting 11 that plays well together have not only been difficult for this current Chivas coach but for Jose Cardozoz, Tomas Boy, and even Luis Fernando Tena. Whenever the starting 11 has been announced for the past two years it seems like it at this point there are always two questionable starters. It always feels as if Chivas is holding information back, or can’t get a hold of their own players disciplinary wise and players who should be starting end up getting omitted or snubbed on the game-day squad.

For example, Gilberto ‘Tiba’ Sepulveda has been a mediocre defender, that when paired with Hiram Mier looks better than he actually is. He has a bright future, but the future isn’t now. When Ricardo Pelaez was brought in a Sporting Director they promised they would be chasing trophies, not offensive players after Tibu Sepulveda has left them wide open. This would all be okay, except for the fact there is a player with European experience on the bench in Antonio ‘Pollo’ Briseno, who hasn’t seen the field as a starter in months unless someone was injured in the backline.

Then when everyone saw the social media post on Instagram that Alexis Vega made drinking out of the same bottle of Smirnoff during a Worldwide Pandemic with fellow Chivas player Uriel Antuna, everyone knew the hammer would come down on them. That hammer came down and they were suspended for the game against Toluca, which Chivas lost 1-0.

With 1 draw, 1 lose, and 1 win Chivas haven’t been convincing, and with rumors swirling of Chivas players Cristian ‘Chicote’ Calderon and forward Ronaldo Cisneros being have said to have left the first team and be playing with the second team this week with C.D Tapatio it raises even more alarms into what’s going on with Chivas. Whatever it is that we don’t know must not be good, due to the fact that Calderon hasn’t been playing that bad. Sure neither has had goals but that leads into a bigger issue with Chivas at the moment.

Nobody on Chivas currently can score to save their lives. Chivas doesn’t have one player that has scored 3 goals almost 8 weeks into the season. J.J Macias used to be the exception but not anymore. It has become increasingly difficult for him to even get the ball due to defenders pressing him so hard knowing he’s Chivas only form to attack with, due to Alexis Vega being out due to suspension and Uriel Antuna being snubbed for veteran winger Isaac ‘Conejo’ Brizuela constantly.

Not to mention Eduardo ‘Chofis’ Lopez, Chivas arguably the best playmaker having drama of his own and only making appearances late into the game and not being able to make the difference with such limited time. Then there has been Jesus Molina, which is Chivas captain with all due respect but provides nothing moving forward, to the point J.J Macias has had to drop down more and try to play a number 9 role which hasn’t been working because he hasn’t been in good positions to score.

Whatever happens, under this current coach, it’s not off to a good start, but he may be able to turn this around if Liguilla is made and Chivas happen to make a decent run.