Marco Fabian joins FC Juarez

FC Juarez sign Marco Fabian, in what is a surprising player signing too many.

When Marco Fabian ended his playing stint in the Middle East many fans wondered where he would land next? Obviously, he is a shoo-in for his boyhood club Chivas de Guadalajara correct? Well no. Okay, then obviously it’s the club he was on loan with when he was at Chivas de Guadalajara in Cruz Azul, who are doing great this season right?

No, Marco Fabian was headed to FC Juarez, the Mexican press has been speculating about his future team since before the Guard1anes season was even announced. Juarez announced the midfielder is taking his talents to Juarez through their Twitter account:

It was almost unbelievable as rumors of him playing for every team but FC Juarez came about. The fans, especially from Guadalajara, were not too adamant about the former Rebano Sagrado player rejoining the team, pretty casually saying “we’ll take him”.  Seeing Marco Fabian in a face mask with FC Juarez logos wasn’t on my 2020 Apocalypse bingo, but they’ll take him! The Northern Team could use the help in the midfield, but they have been doing pretty well themselves. This past weekend Pumas U.N.A.M took them on and ended up tying and it’s kind of a big deal because Juarez was down to only 9 players after having had two of their players sent off.

With Diego Rolan upfront still and Marco Fabian possibly feeding him a great ball or at the very least making more space for him to be more dangerous is a combination that would be a great thing to see in Liga MX. Unfortunately, he will still need to get in the rhythm with the first team, and may not see playing time until they are ready. Chivas takes on FC Juarez today the 12th of August and it would have been nice for Marco Fabian to have been with the team already through the first three weeks so that way he could play against his former team in Chivas de Guadalajara.

The Guadalajaran native is excited to play for the club and open up a new chapter in his Liga MX career, one that wouldn’t be met with the same pressures as going to Chivas and this way he gets to see more playing time. It’s exciting to see the former Mexican Internation back in Liga MX and we are all very excited about it.